Our company, your move.

Every career at Blue Cross is a growth opportunity. Feel free to move about the company and bring your true colors and talents to new areas of our business. We believe that everyone on our team has unlimited potential to learn and unfold, and we champion their evolution through job rotations, Human Design training for all, and tuition discounts for those who want to pursue a degree around their work schedule.


Break in with Blue.

Gain an upclose view of the health care industry by working inside Blue Cross. Offered to graduates and undergraduates, our 12-week summer internship exposes you to a wide range of disciplines within our company and allows you to build valuable skills and relationships.

Information Technology

Move at the speed of change.

Bring your tech savvy and strategic thinking to help drive the largest division of Blue Cross. We seek innovators and technologists who can draw on their operations, analytical and technology skills to develop capabilities that reinforce our market leadership and commitment to service excellence.

Sales & Marketing

Help Blue stand for more.

As a marketer, you will ensure that Blue remains the gold standard in health care and spearhead the development, marketing, research, communication and brand management of our leading-edge products and services. As a sales professional, you will sell our plans and products to new and existing customers and have a real and measurable impact on our company’s bottom line.

Health & Clinical

Improve care on the front lines.

Every day, our clinicians make a real, tangible difference in our Members’ lives. As part of our health and clinical management team, you’ll help guide nurses to the resources and support they need to promote healthy lifestyle choices, better manage inpatient admissions and improve our Members’ health and well-being.

Customer Service

Become the face of Blue.

As a customer service representative, you will hold one of the most important positions at Blue Cross. You will be the attentive ear and friendly voice that guides customers to the answers they need, brings clarity to their medical and dental packages, and reinforces our unwavering commitment to service excellence, every time you pick up the phone.


Make everything we do add up.

As a not-for-profit company, we hold great respect for the financial professionals who support us in our mission to make health care affordable. Join our team, and we’ll turn to you for sound advice, precise record-keeping, innovative solutions and accurate pricing and plan models that help us strike the delicate balance of high quality care at a lower cost. 

Ready to help us transform health care?