At Blue Cross, innovation isn't a noun or a verb. It's a mindset! Innovation is a continuous state of reimagining what's possible. We embrace a human-centered mindset to keep our customer at the forefront and inspire others to join the cause. We use the methods and strategies of design thinking to help encourage new ideas and radical solutions that delight our customer!


associates who have taken our 90 minute introduction to Human Centered Design crash course


associates who have participated in our 2 day Human Centered Design bootcamp


new associates who received Human Centered Design training during onboarding.

Innovation Story

Human-centered design is something you have to experience in order to make it a part of your life. That’s why all our new associates learn the basics at orientation and can join a two day boot camp to become Innovation Catalysts.

We've created six tracks to identify and drive innovation opportunities in our core business and at the edge of our business. These six tracks are a framework for opportunity exploration and assessment.













Alternative Quality Contract (AQC)

Launched in 2009, the AQC now includes more than 80 percent of the physicians in the Blue Cross HMO network. It is an innovative way to pay for care that focuses on promoting quality and rewards positive health outcomes. It is a crucial component of Blue Cross' agenda to make quality health care affordable for its members and employer customer.  The alternative payment model fosters shared responsibility for both improving care and moderating the unsustainable rate of increase in health care costs. The AQC is currently one of the largest private payment reform initiatives in the United States. Read more about the AQC.

Healthcare Reform

The mission of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation is to expand access to health care for low-income and vulnerable people in the Commonwealth. We collaborate with public and private organizations to broaden health coverage and reduce barriers to care through grants, research, and policy initiatives. Our work served as a catalyst for the pioneering Massachusetts health care reform law enacted in 2006, and we have sponsored ongoing research on the law's impact. The Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization governed by a 14-member Board of Directors.

William C. Van Faasen Community Service Sabbatical Fellow

In 2006, a sabbatical program was created to honor our former CEO, Bill Van Faasen. This program offers one associate per year a six month full-time sabbatical leave with a nonprofit organization.

All employees have the chance to step out of their day to day roles, and put their talents to use at a local nonprofit. What kind of impact could you make if you had six months to focus your efforts in the community?

Ovia Health

Ovia: Many of our employer customers are looking for new ways to help their employees with specific challenges including diabetes, pre-diabetes, and maternity.  One of the feeders of our innovation pipeline is the work done by Zaffre Investments. We have a unique opportunity to continuously see the newest technological advancements in health and select those that will best benefit our members. Ovia Health addresses the need for predictive coaching to support women from preconception to pregnancy and beyond

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